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Monthly Archives: July 2015

Dimension Airlines – Part 05

Cameron just stared straight ahead as he waited at the Customer Service counter. He didn’t look to the left, didn’t look to the right. Just straight ahead at the upper back of the man in front of him. A man he normally would have been taller than.

“Cam, come on… talk to me…” Kate said resting her hand upon his shoulder, which he shrugged off quickly. “This could be fun, you know?”

He remained silent except for a deep angry sigh.

One of the women at the desk called the couple forward. “Next!”

Cameron approached the tall black woman working the counter. At least he thought she was tall. It was hard to tell whether she was enhanced by a foot like the flight attendants since everyone now seemed out of proportion to him. He hadn’t felt this short since walking through the high school building on his way to French class while in 7th grade.

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Perfection – Part 5

Heather stood over her sleeping husband and marveled at how girl Brad’s tiny frame still managed to spread her body over most of the bed. “At least some things haven’t changed.” she said sarcastically, checking to make sure the IV in Brad’s arm was still intact despite the tossing and turning. The connection was good,… Continue Reading

Perfection – Part 4

Six-foot-one. 185 pounds. Light brown hair. Blue eyes. Square jaw. Straight teeth. Thin waist. Broad chest. That’s what SHOULD have been in the reflection. But none of the above were true, save for the straight teeth and the thin waist. And the broad chest. Or rather a broad’s chest. Brad exhaled slowly. He didn’t have… Continue Reading

Dimension Airlines – Part 04

If the process for boarding was slow, the process for disembarking was even slower. The flight out just required everyone to be shrunken en masse to the same size. Getting off the plane, however, required queuing up in long lines to get re-enlarged one at a time. It was fairly efficient, with six stations going… Continue Reading

Perfection – Part 3

Brad fidgeted in the leather chair, legs dangling a good foot above the floor. His neck was nearly parallel with the large oak conference table in front of him. He nervously bunched up the hoodie’s sleeves to his elbows so they didn’t swallow his hands completely. Heather was seated to his left, her eyes darting… Continue Reading

Perfection – Part 2

“MOTHERFUCKERRRRRRR!!!” Brad’s entire being tensed up in one huge, excruciating, all-body cramp. “Shut’er down.” he heard the technician echo through the opening in the horizontal tube. “No, wait…” he pleaded, his voice weak and childish,”…it’s okay. It’s… okay. I can keep… going…” he whined as sweat seeped out of every pour of his skin. Continue Reading

Perfection – Part 1

Brad snapped violently awake as his lungs gasped desperately for breath. His pupils burned as they adjusted to the bright lights. His heart was hammering hard within his chest as he tried to clear the cobwebs from his mind, the disoriented feeling was nearly as disconcerting as the feeling that his breathing had stopped a… Continue Reading

Sex in a Bottle – Part 1

Dave hurriedly shuffled around the apartment hiding all of the clutter wherever he could find a spot–closet, underneath the sofa, and he even hid the dirty dishes in the oven. He made a mental note to remember that before he or Jack baked anything, although there was a slim chance of that ever happening. The… Continue Reading