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Monthly Archives: August 2015

Dimension Airlines – Part 07

Kate sat in the back of the cab, staring down at the knapsack in her lap. It had been a good five minutes since she had seen any movement of the canvas. She never heard any tiny cries for help or for release. This worried her. Was he okay?

She carefully opened the zipper just enough to peek inside. The light wasn’t particularly good, but she spied him laying on the floor of the makeshift prison, the sleeve of one of her sweatshirts wrapped around his tiny body. He was sound asleep, laying in a slight fetal position.

She opened the zipper more to get a better look. She gently took another fold of the sweatshirt and covered his legs up. He was so small, so cute, so helpless. For some reason that thrilled her, but she didn’t know exactly why.

She also didn’t know why she had impulsively snatched him up like she did. Surely this would be the end of their relationship. Maybe she could convince him that this was the kind of adventure their relationship needed?

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Dimension Airlines – Part 06

“What are you doing???” Cameron squeaked as he fled the hand that was now a little bigger than his entire torso. He ran to the other side of the cylinder. In all of the times he had flown Dimension Air, he had marveled at how well they gave the illusion of scale. He always wondered… Continue Reading

Special Drink (Story Poll Winner)

***  NOTE: Here’s the story based on the premise of the DM: New Product July poll winner: “sports drink that ages you past your prime” – I will probably play around with it to flesh it out a little more and get into more detailed transformation descriptions, but I wanted to write and post this… Continue Reading