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Monthly Archives: December 2015

Holiday Help

“Mr. Heartguzzeler?” Tricia poked her head into the break room.

“You can call me Jed.” the man enjoying a cup of tea and reading over quarterly sales reports looked up and smiled a toothy grin at the girl with the horn rimmed glasses and deep pink hair.

“Mr. er– Jed…” Trish corrected herself. She always felt intimidated by his presence. She wasn’t sure if it was the perfectly pressed pin-stripe suit, his deep gravely voice, or his square jaw, thick dark hair, and slightly protruding forehead that got to her. It wasn’t a sexual thing, as she always felt like a little girl approaching her father whenever she was near him. “Um… remember what we were talking about last week about my boyfriend working here over the Christmas holidays?” She noticed a definite shudder from the District Manager at her mention of the word ‘Christmas’.

“Yes, we will need some help over the… HOLIDAY… break.” If what she said offended him, he didn’t let it show for very long.

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