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Friends (with benefits)

“Hang on… hang on, I’m coming…” I said cinching the towel around my waist, water dripping on the carpet.

The knocking was incessant. This had better be an emergency.

“What is it?” I asked, swinging the door open in annoyance, ready to punch whatever insurance salesman it was that thought it necessary to interrupt my shower. I immediately realized that the person on the other side of my threshold wasn’t trying to sell me insurance at all.

“Look,” I said abruptly, looking down into the face of the teenage girl “I’ve already bought cookies this year. Check again next year.” Then I started to close the door.

She pushed against the door. “No. Wait. I’m not selling cookies…” she looked up at me with eyes that were as big as eyes could get without looking freakish. “Tim, I… I… need your help….”

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Dimension Airlines – Part 11

After getting used to the swaying rhythm enough to take a short nap, Cameron was abruptly awakened by a jostling of his surroundings. He could hear talking from outside the bag, but only portions of the dialogue. “…lost bag…” a male voice could be heard fading in and out, “…I’ll check…” said the other female… Continue Reading

Dimension Airlines – Part 10

Cameron squinted up at the sun, soaking in the rays–his hands behind his head. This had turned out to be the most relaxing vacation ever–despite the early stresses, everything seemed to work out just fine. “You’re starting to get burned…” a voice said from above. It wasn’t God speaking to him, it was his girlfriend… Continue Reading

Dimension Airlines – Part 09

A loud knock at the door, and Kate was scrambling to get dressed. “Room Service,” a male voice called from the other side of the door. “Just leave the cart outside, I’m not dressed right now,” she said truthfully, although there were other reasons for her to not want anyone inside the hotel room. Might… Continue Reading

Dimension Airlines – Part 08

Cameron paced back and forth on the tabletop as the loud irritating sound of a hairdryer emanated from the hotel bathroom. The whole situation made him really nervous. It was bad enough that he was stuck at doll-size, but to top it all off, it turned out that his girlfriend was a psychotic kidnapper. What… Continue Reading

Dimension Airlines – Part 07

Kate sat in the back of the cab, staring down at the knapsack in her lap. It had been a good five minutes since she had seen any movement of the canvas. She never heard any tiny cries for help or for release. This worried her. Was he okay? She carefully opened the zipper just… Continue Reading

Dimension Airlines – Part 06

“What are you doing???” Cameron squeaked as he fled the hand that was now a little bigger than his entire torso. He ran to the other side of the cylinder. In all of the times he had flown Dimension Air, he had marveled at how well they gave the illusion of scale. He always wondered… Continue Reading

Dimension Airlines – Part 05

Cameron just stared straight ahead as he waited at the Customer Service counter. He didn’t look to the left, didn’t look to the right. Just straight ahead at the upper back of the man in front of him. A man he normally would have been taller than. “Cam, come on… talk to me…” Kate said… Continue Reading

Perfection – Part 5

Heather stood over her sleeping husband and marveled at how girl Brad’s tiny frame still managed to spread her body over most of the bed. “At least some things haven’t changed.” she said sarcastically, checking to make sure the IV in Brad’s arm was still intact despite the tossing and turning. The connection was good,… Continue Reading

Perfection – Part 4

Six-foot-one. 185 pounds. Light brown hair. Blue eyes. Square jaw. Straight teeth. Thin waist. Broad chest. That’s what SHOULD have been in the reflection. But none of the above were true, save for the straight teeth and the thin waist. And the broad chest. Or rather a broad’s chest. Brad exhaled slowly. He didn’t have… Continue Reading