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Halloween Party in a Box – Part 1

Halloween Party in a Box – Part 1

Dave opened one end of the long, slender, black matte box with the orange letters ‘d’ and ‘m’ etched into the side. It was 3 feet tall, but only about six inches square.

He carefully untucked the flap and pulled out the rolled up reflective cylinder inside.

“Ha ha! You paid $40 for a roll of tin foil?” Robbie was his best friend, but he could be massively obnoxious at times.

This was one of those times.

“That better put on one major light show or you got majorly fucked.” he added, taking a swig of his beer. A small ‘snap’ could be heard. “Damn. I completely fucked up my nails.” He said holding up a hand with 4 beautifully pressed on fake nails and one dangling stub.

“Okay, ‘Barbie'” he patted the blonde wig that Robbie was wearing and trying to ignore the stray thought his mind had that his friend looked halfway presentable cross dressed this way. “Don’t get too drunk before the guests arrive, okay? Let’s take a look at the instructions, why don’t we?” Dave swept the fake dreadlocks out of his eyes as he removed the small square sheet that had it’s own compartment in the flap of the box.

“Aye, aye, Cap’n Jack!” Robbie disguised as Barbie saluted his friend disguised as pirate Jack Sparrow.

“Okay, Step one…” Dave began.

“Cut a hole in the box…” Robbie made a circular motion with his one nailless finger.

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