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Dimension Airlines – Part 06

“What are you doing???” Cameron squeaked as he fled the hand that was now a little bigger than his entire torso. He ran to the other side of the cylinder. In all of the times he had flown Dimension Air, he had marveled at how well they gave the illusion of scale. He always wondered why they were so careful to shield their customers from the full-sized world, even though everyone who flew with them knew that they had been small-ified. Now, as he stared at his girlfriend who was the size of a building to him, he understood why. Pure terror.

“Get out of here!” he yelled at her, wishing his tiny munchkin voice sounded more commanding.

“C’mon Cameron, relax, I’m not going to hurt you.” She pulled her hand back and sat down in the middle of the chamber, looking down at him peacefully. “I’m just… well… really curious at seeing you so small,” she shrugged her shoulders. “You really are cute like that, you know?”

Cameron let down his guard a bit. It was enticing to see his beautiful girlfriend literally larger than life. “The computer crashed, but they’re working on it. Just wait outside until they can get me back to normal.”

“Why can’t I wait here with you?” she said sternly.

He wasn’t liking the direction this was going in. “Because I don’t want you to see me like this. It’s… intimidating.”

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Dimension Airlines – Part 05

Cameron just stared straight ahead as he waited at the Customer Service counter. He didn’t look to the left, didn’t look to the right. Just straight ahead at the upper back of the man in front of him. A man he normally would have been taller than. “Cam, come on… talk to me…” Kate said… Continue Reading