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Halloween Party in a Box – Part 2

Halloween Party in a Box – Part 2

“Shhh… this is entertaining…” The fairy shushed the gingerbread man who had just entered the door bearing cookies.

Robert wearing a brown foam cutout accented with bright colored cloth stared at the site of a dreadlocked madman wearing a plaid coat gesturing in front of a mirror on the door.

“Uh… sure… that’s just… strange…” the confused man in the cookie person outfit set down the plate on the table. He looked around at the dozen or so people who had crowded around for the show.

“Try spiking your hair up like you do. You know, that douchebag duck look you pull off so well.” said the dude dressed as a muppet. The crowd laughed.

The man flipped off the muppet. “Fuck you Guy Smiley.” but then took the advice and spiked the hair upwards as best as he could considering the mass and length of it all.

“What exactly is going on?” Robert asked the pretty blonde girl with the cellophane insect wings and a glitter covered wand.

“Dave is trying to disguise himself as himself so he can be himself.” she responded.

“Well that makes total sense.” Robert said sarcastically. “Except that’s not Dave.”

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