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Black Friday – Part 1

As Jeremy walked out of the food court, sucking the last thick remnants of chocolate shake through the narrow straw, he shook his head as he maneuvered his way around the snaking line that was partially blocking the front of the Chick-fil-a.

He whistled in disbelief as he investigated where the line was heading to. The starting point for the queue was to the side of the new Devious Majik store that had opened up recently–although currently its gothic iron gates were sealed shut.

“Hey Germ!” he heard a familiar squeal utter and unwelcome nickname–one he hadn’t heard in at least six months. “Germ! Germ! Over here!”

“Great, Bekka….” he sighed as he chomped back down on the straw and started to suck, moving rapidly, looking down at the tile floor and attempting to ignore the voice, but, unfortunately, he moved in the wrong direction.

“Jeremy! Didn’t you hear me calling for you?” a hand reached out and grabbed his arm.

Crap. Jeremy thought to himself. This was going to be awkward.

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Halloween Party in a Box – Part 2

Halloween Party in a Box – Part 2

“Shhh… this is entertaining…” The fairy shushed the gingerbread man who had just entered the door bearing cookies. Robert wearing a brown foam cutout accented with bright colored cloth stared at the site of a dreadlocked madman wearing a plaid coat gesturing in front of a mirror on the door. “Uh… sure… that’s just… strange…”… Continue Reading