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Squeak Toy – Chapter 2

“Are there any instructions at all?” Jane said as she frantically looked in the shopping bag she brought in earlier while Derek pulled out the lining of the box.

“I don’t see anything.” Derek squeaked out in a cute soprano, while he looked at the inside lid of the box in case something was printed there, which it wasn’t. “Maybe there’s something on their website?”

Jane beat him over to the screen, he was still having some trouble getting used to the way this body moved along with the new center of gravity and found the simple act of walking across the room required careful concentration, lest he trip and fall. Balancing on tiny feet wasn’t helping any. “Nothing. Just a list of their locations and hours.” she moved the cursor around see if she was missing anything, but there were no links at all–just a single, sparse, but well designed page.

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Squeak Toy – Chapter 1

“What did you pick up?” Derek asked Jane as she entered their condo clutching some mall shopping bags. Derek was only focused on one bag though, the black matte bag with the shiny black text on it that said ‘Devious Majik’ when the light hit it just right.

He reached for the bag, but she swatted his hand away. “Nuh-uh! It’s a surprise! You’ll have to wait until after dinner.”

Just seeing the bag made his heart beat faster and his libido rise. Jane’s sister, Jessica, had given her a DM gift for her birthday a few weeks ago. It was supposed to be Jane’s 30th birthday, but the contents of the specially wrapped black package had her celebrating her sweet 16 all weekend instead. His regressed and quite horny wife left him feeling as if It had been his own birthday!

In anticipation for the evening’s activities, he had taken off from work early to prepare a very romantic dinner. He wasn’t the greatest of cooks–the chicken had burnt, and he tried to pass off the blackened crust as ‘cajun-style’, but he impressed himself with how good the rest of the meal tasted tonight.

After finishing the meal, and spending a few minutes playfully chatting while enjoying the chocolate brownies he had thankfully not burnt, she winked at him. “Ready?” she asked with a sly smile.

Before she could even retrieve the Devious Majik bag, he was already stripped down to his ankle socks and boxers, the material of which was straining from the hard-on he had been suffering with ever since she had told him about her special shopping trip.

She tossed him the black box from the black bag. He held it to the light and read, “Devious Majik Special Squeak Toy…” He looked over to her and asked, “really?” Continue Reading