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New Game – Chapter 3

“So are you just going to stand there staring?” Jeremy grinned down at Pete as he handed off one of the bags of groceries to her. “How about you be a good girl and put these away?” he placed the other bag on the counter and patted her on top of the head.

Pete stood there fuming for a good five seconds before slamming the groceries down on the counter. “Howabout you fuck off and undo whatever the hell this is that you did to me!” That definitely came out way more screechy and whiney than Pete had ever intended.

A startled Brandon sat up straight coughing up air he had swallowed before being awakened mid-snore. “Who the f…?!” He wiped the sleep out of his eyes as he remembered the night before. “Oh, hello there Pete…” he stared at her lustfully and smiled wide, giving her a wink.

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New Game – Chapter 2

Pete woke up when he heard a girl’s sigh. After several moments laying completely still, keeping his breathing to a minimum, he finally gave up on hearing her again. Must have been the tail end of my dream, he thought to himself as he turned over from his side to lie on his back and… Continue Reading

New Game – Chapter 1

“Dude… what’s up?” Brandon barely glanced to the side to acknowledge Jeremy coming in the front door, he was too focused on taking down Ridley. “When he comes charging at you like that you’ve gotta Dash jump to the side.” Jeremy offered just as the visor on the screen went to static. Game over. “Shit!”… Continue Reading