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Cards (2nd Draft) – Part 12 (Ending)

Author’s note: This is the original ending. It’s pretty weak, in my own opinion, and my least favorite part about this story, but is included here for completeness. The final draft (which is currently being proofed and edited for release on Amazon’s store soon) has a much much MUCH more satisfying ending, I promise! Thanks for reading and for the positive feedback! If you like this version, you’re gonna love the final version as much as I do!

Jim sat on the bed staring off into space, her short legs dangling a couple of inches off the floor. She suppressed a sniffle and wiped the tears from her face with the sleeve of her shirt in a very unladylike manner.

The last few days had been surreal. Losing a loved one was always a shock to the system, but compounded with her other… changes, it just left her feeling about as disconnected from reality as humanly possible and still walking around.

Familiar faces became strangers with their actions. Complete strangers acted as if they were familiar to her, such as the gaggle of teeny-bopper friends who showed up at the funeral home to give her support in her time of need, friends that she had never laid eyes on before today.

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Holiday Help

“Mr. Heartguzzeler?” Tricia poked her head into the break room. “You can call me Jed.” the man enjoying a cup of tea and reading over quarterly sales reports looked up and smiled a toothy grin at the girl with the horn rimmed glasses and deep pink hair. “Mr. er– Jed…” Trish corrected herself. She always… Continue Reading

Black Friday – Part 1

As Jeremy walked out of the food court, sucking the last thick remnants of chocolate shake through the narrow straw, he shook his head as he maneuvered his way around the snaking line that was partially blocking the front of the Chick-fil-a. He whistled in disbelief as he investigated where the line was heading to.… Continue Reading

Cards (2nd Draft) – Part 11

“So Jamie, how are you enjoying your little visit the past couple of days?” Karen asked patting her on the head in a condescending manner. If it wasn’t for the fact that this girl was now nearly twice her age, nearly a head taller, and a girl, Jim would have punched her in the nose.… Continue Reading

Cards (2nd Draft) – Part 10

It was like tuning a radio from overlapping signals to the clarity of just one strong station. The overwhelming flow of thoughts all focused into one at the same moment. It was a strange sensation. Compounding that was the feelings associated with the poster on the wall. One moment, Nick Jonas was causing a disconcerting,… Continue Reading

Cards (2nd Draft) – Part 09

“Where are they?” Becky demanded, kneeling on the metal bleachers, glaring intensely at her sister. “Where are what?” Rachel said innocently. “You know what I’m talking about Rachel Ann” Becky countered. “The cards??? Where are the cards you stole from my room?” Stephanie gasped and Amanda pulled her knees up to her chest nervously. Rachel… Continue Reading

Cards (2nd Draft) – Part 08

Jim’s brain started back up after 8 hours of rest. His eyes closed, he felt the warm body pressed up against his back, one arm draped across his shoulder–the other wrapped around his mid section and enjoyed how nice it all felt to be this close to Becky again. He tried to piece together the… Continue Reading

Halloween Party in a Box – Part 2

Halloween Party in a Box – Part 2

“Shhh… this is entertaining…” The fairy shushed the gingerbread man who had just entered the door bearing cookies. Robert wearing a brown foam cutout accented with bright colored cloth stared at the site of a dreadlocked madman wearing a plaid coat gesturing in front of a mirror on the door. “Uh… sure… that’s just… strange…”… Continue Reading

Party in a Box

Darren opened his eyes and groaned loudly. The light was burning his retinas. He buried his head in the shag covered soft bedding his was laying on and allowed them some time to slowly adjust to the brightness shining in from above. From the warmth on his skin, he knew he must be in the… Continue Reading

Sex in a Bottle – Part 1

Dave hurriedly shuffled around the apartment hiding all of the clutter wherever he could find a spot–closet, underneath the sofa, and he even hid the dirty dishes in the oven. He made a mental note to remember that before he or Jack baked anything, although there was a slim chance of that ever happening. The… Continue Reading